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Fla. Hospital Deporting Patient: Why "Yes"?

What I understand about hospitals, from my meager sense of common understanding is that hospitals are set up for the sake of protecting those people who suffer from the lack of health and inefficiency for maintaining common human physiological functions properly. Well, let me stress, what I understand is that hospitals are for treating those who are suffering from the lack of health. Am I right? I think the subjectivity of this article might be creating some problems for those who think that it is not the suitable method that should be adopted for an article. But the matter I am going to raise here, in this platform, is something personal. The topic I am going to talk, is about someone of mine own species: a human being.

In more explicit terms this article is a sign of bewilderment on the number of "NO" s that I have seen in the voting counter in this site----|main|dl1|link3|…