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Verses of Love-2

Unseen Perceptions.I saw the until then unseen breeze, I heard the imaginary birds, I saw the stars, shine in day light, I heard the waves in the distant ocean of sand. What happened to my world? I kept asking, A deflection or a new scheme- Of my eyes to see things or is it a dream! Is it a life or lifelessness, I kept wondering. As I am taught that no one can see breeze, As I am aware that no imaginary birds, Or no stars embellish the world, in daytime. No waves of sand will be heard, I wondered. It was hard to keep my senses normal, It equals naught if, try to be calm, On these, all said, a causeless abnormality, I too thought, until I wrote, I am in love and I love you.

Sky Freedom.

The boy who knows how to fly the kite, Knows what freedom is. But his mother will never let him play- Outside for long. His teachers have always insisted, On studying and utilizing- The most precious hours. The boy who knows How to make the kite, Has a mind, Which knows how to stretch, His hands for the unbinding freedom, Concealed somewhere unseen- In the vast sky. Always, who has searched for a cloudless sky, Knows how to search for- The milieu which suits to resume- His quest for freedom. The boy- Knows, that on some occasions, The wind, the thread, the hands, And his luck have played something, Unperceived by others, and have- Taken his kite to a world where, No colours rule and no borders divide. He knows this, for, he is the boy who knows- How to fly the kite.